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Click the links below to download the application (PDF format):
After completing the application(s) mail or fax it to:

Pride Developmental Services
P.O. Box 332106
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-2106

Phone: (615) 210-3277
Fax: (615) 895-3150

Employee Benefits

Pride Developmental Services, Inc. offers very competitive employee benefits to full-time permanent employees who have successfully completed their ninety-day review with the agency. PDS, Inc. does not at this time offer benefits to part-time, seasonal, or contractual employees.

Full-time permanent employees are entitled to the following benefits:

Pride Developmental Services, Inc. reviews its agency benefits annually to offer the most competitive benefits in the industry. Questions regarding agency benefits can be directed to the Human Resources Department at PDS, Inc.

Job Openings

Pride Developmental Services, Inc. (PDS, Inc.) continues to grow and expand in both Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee and through that growth and expansion PDS, Inc. is currently recruiting qualified and committed staff to join our team. PDS, Inc. offers excellent pay/commissions and benefits to all of its team members. If you want to join a winning team and are committed to the enhancement of lives for individuals with disabilities, begin by completing an online application with our agency. All applicants must pass a background check, have a clean driving record, and have a high school diploma or GED. The following are job openings within the agency:

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